Vertical Bins

The ami vertical bin provides an alternative to the multi-hanging panel system, allowing condensed storage of framed art works or heavy folders that are not regularly viewed or requested by staff or visitors. Made of 12-16ga steel and powder coated to your choice of color, these heavy duty bins come with adjustable shelves every 1” on center, and can have ethafoam added as additional protection for framed works. The bins can be ordered with or without privacy doors, which are only held closed by a full length magnet-a secure lock is available as a special order. The toe kick serves as the platform that the AMI bins sit on, thus all leveling is done to the toe-kick prior to installing the bins.

All bins are top capped to prevent water from entering from above, and can be purchased with standard 1” round air vents located at the rear of the bin. All bin outer dimensions are 2’ wide; choose from 8’ and 10’ feet high units, and 3’, 4’, 5’ or 6′ deep. Bins 4′ deep and more have shelf clips located on 3 on center for extra strength and support. Each bin comes with 2 adjustable shelves, but you can add a shelf every 1″ or 5″, or what ever number of shelves are needed for your collection. 3d objects can also be stored on shelves. We can help you estimate the number of shelves you need according to what you are planning to store in them: frames stored vertically, 3d objects, solander boxes, folders, etc. ; the ami vertical bin is your answer in solving many of your collection needs.