Multi-Hanging Panel System

The Multi-Panel Hanging System provides optimum, efficient visible storage of paintings, textiles, reliefs and unique collections. The diamond shape mesh and the frame are light-weight aluminum. Special features include our patented panel frame which allows the attachment of shelves and brackets for storing small three dimensional objects and rolled textiles on both sides of the panel; trolleys are isolated from direct contact with the frame assembly via a vibration damper, our proprietary AMI-t35 trolley track is a full extension aluminum channel that provide smooth and frictionless access to collections when opening and closing a panel.

Multi Hanging Panel System Hofstra-University

The AMI-t35 trolley tracks are not spliced and connected from smaller sections, but come the full length required for each project. The floor track is located in the stored position only, so the floor area directly in front of the panels is free and clear, allowing you to use the space for staging exhibits or preparation of art works in the same area. The system is custom designed to optimize use of  your storage and collection space.