The Modular Art Panel System

The Modular Art Panel System is very similar in design and function as the Multi-Hanging Panel System, but with the addition of support posts and beams. Features include our patented Cavity Box Design, which allow the system to be located anywhere in your facility (use it for display or storage). The panels do not roll on the floor, but are suspended, so floor surface or condition is not a factor in the performance  of the system; support posts provide an alternative in storage facilities where ceiling loads cannot support panels and tracks; knock-down design allows both relocation and expansion, so as your collections need change and grow,  so does the Modular Art Panel System. Unlike other standard size modular systems, our system is custom made to fit a specific area in your facility, or design for the safe keeping of fragile objects that are difficult to store and handle. By taking advantage of the size and height of your storage area, you do not loose any critical footage in your custom design.

Modular Art Panel System

Storage, retrieval and viewing of both framed artwork; rolled textiles; 3D objects in one modular panel system.

    • Storage, retrieval and viewing in one modular system
    • Mix and match panels to store paintings and/or rolled textiles, shelves for 3d objects
    • Lightweight aluminum frame with powder-painted aluminum expanded mesh
    • Freestanding unit allows unlimited storage options within your facility

    Make the best use of your storage space. Store your collection safely and efficiently in our Modular Art Panel System. Hang paintings and other framed or stretched artwork on sliding mesh panels or select an open textile frame with brackets and poles that can be slipped through rolls for storing rolled textiles. Panels are usually centered every 12″, but the center spacing can be changed according to your collection. This system provides many of the benefits of a custom designed hanging panel system without the expense of architects or engineers if the unit is located on the ground floor of your facility. Combine both storage and display: temporary exhibitions, private viewings, auction displays, gallery installations and public displays. Tailor the system to fit your own unique collection storage needs.


    • Cavity Box Frame Panel System: (Freestanding Unit that accommodates the Modular System)Frame Panel System includes: posts, beams and tracks. Cavity Box Frame support the Modular Art Panels. Optional Small Art Panel System is also available.
    • Panel Options Expanded Aluminum Mesh Panel for hanging objects and paintings; Open Textile Frame for storing rolled textiles or canvas. shelves for 3d objects.

    Suspended Modular Art Panels/Vibration free trolleys
    Panel trolleys incorporate a silicone vibration damper, resulting in low-friction panel access with minimum vibration to fragile artwork. Hang paintings and other framed artwork on the sliding aluminum mesh panels. The aluminum mesh is powder-coated, minimizing the sharp edges normally associated with expanded mesh.

    Powder-coated aluminum-
    The light grey mesh hanging panels are powder-coated to minimize sharp edges normally associated with expanded mesh. Aluminum panels are more costly than steel but lighter weight and easier to work with.

    ACCESSORIES FOR PANEL SYSTEM: (A total of 5 external panels, 2 per side and one for the back, are required to enclose the system).

    • Our AMI Art Hanging Hook is made of 12-gauge steel with a hanging capacity of 100 lbs. each. The tapered design provides 2 options for hanging objects: use the narrower end for hanging frames from D-rings or use the wide end for hanging objects from hanging wire to reduce stress on the wire and frame.

    Assembly: The system can be assembled in 1-3 days, depending on the size of the panels. Assembles using basic tools. Posts and beams are heavy-duty steel and aluminum (Post load support 5600# each); no cutting or drilling is required and no special tools are needed. Installation manual is included.